Vikki visits……..

Vikki has been getting out & about meeting our local producers & suppliers. Mainly independent, family run small businesses, all passionately producing the best produce available. Their dedication & hands on approach ensures consistently high standards. Vikki & Craig enjoy working with small businesses, building up great relationships with the common goal of cooking with great local produce to give our customers the very best on their plates.

Yesterday Vikki was in Glenrothes at our local meat supplier. John & Andrew at J.Hendersons Specialist Meat have been supplying the restaurants since the very beginning in 2006. They may have only been supplying the restaurant for 13 years but the family run company was established many years before this. Henderson’s was established in 1934 by John and Andrew’s grandfather, then run my their mother, with their father joining the business from a career in printing. For quite a few years the business has run by the two brothers. Help is at hand by their 24 local staff. Many changes have taken place over time but the pork sausages are made to the same recipe for 85 years. Speaking to David he told me how the business has changed. They are always increasing & diversifying their range. They include the treacle cured bacon, offering home made frankfurters, rare bread pork & new to the UK cut of beef-Picanha. All proving very popular with his customers. At The Wee Restaurants we serve Ribeye, T-Bone & Fillet steaks from J Hendersons. The breed we use is Limousin X Angus. It’s been dry aged for 32 days. Asking David this is his favourite breed for taste. His favourite cut is Ribeye. This is due to the marbling of fat throughout the steak. This gives it is superior taste. Vikki is quite partial to a Ribeye too!

The Wee Restaurant is looking forward to many more years of collaboration with J Henderson’s Specialist Meat. When you have quality & service this good, why would we go anywhere else?