Vikki visits...........

Inner Bay Brewery- Inverkeithing

I’ve been continuing my journey to meet our Wee Restaurant suppliers. This week my travels took me not too far down the road. Inner Bay Brewery is our closest supplier, being only 3 miles up the road from our North Queensferry restaurant. No airmiles involved here!

Kate & Jed from the brewery have been dining at the resturant since it opened. 13 years later, they have 3 young children and a successful micro brewery to their name. Being such busy people we don’t see them as often so it was nice to catch up & find out about their artisan beers. Starting in 2016 they turned a very small outbuilding at home into their micro brewery. Kate is the brewer and Jed with his engineering background is the designer of equipment. They couldn’t find the right size of equipment for their opertation so Jed designed pretty much all the equipment they use. Kate initially wished this to be a part time hobby/business to work around parenthood but their eight beer offerings have taken off and proven to be so popular she is working full time to keep up with demand. Her traditional Bavarian wheat beer-Pearl has recently won gold at the SIBA ( Society of Independent Brewers Awards). No mean feat in such a sort space of time. Kate is immensly proud of this achievement, but next to the award sits the gold medal the children made for her. They were equally proud of their mum’s hard work. Kate & Jed’s eldest son (age 9) helps out with labelling to earn some pocket money. At the Wee Restaurant we also have 3 children, many of you have met them over the years. Ethan is now the part time Assistant Manager in Edinburgh, Zoe works part time in North Queensferry & little Innes who was only 2 weeks old when we opened is going to be doing a bit of pot washing this summer, much to his delight! So Kate, like us will have more hands to make light work when her little ones get a bit bigger!

At The Wee Restaurant we sell the Tiger’s Eye IPA. People are really loving it’s rich aromas & flavors of tropical fruits. They particularly like that we stock an IPA from a small local business like ourselves. Inner Bay supplies local businesses in Dollar, St Andrews to Kingsbarns. Kate has had such a phenominal response she has made the decison not to supply further afield at the moment. The brewery is at capacity for production and at present Kate is not looking to expand her business. When asked, the top of Kate’s priority list is to remain hands on, ensuring the high standard of her beers but she would love a nice double garage so she can move some of the bottles, hops and other brewing paraphanalia out of the house. Some more sleep wouldn’t go amiss either!

It was supremely kind of Kate to take time out of her busy life to meet me and show me the brewery. I thorougly enjoyed learning about the brewing process. I took a wee video with Kate explaining her brewing process so have a look. With it taking 4 weeks from the start to finish it really is a labour of love.