At this time of year I try to incorporate local berries on our menu as much as possible as I know they won't be available for much longer. For the last couple of months, we've been getting fantastic berries from the family-run Blacketyside Farm in Fife.

Their raspberries and strawberries are amazing, and quite often are hoovered up by our kids before we get the chance to use them in the restaurant. I find it really inspiring to create desserts with such juicy, flavoursome soft fruits. I could happily use them all year round, but unfortunately the season is short!

For me, the best desserts are ones full of memories - the kind of sweet treats we enjoyed as a child. And I was a child with a very sweet tooth!

I try to create desserts for our seasonal menus that use great local produce and take advantage of the changing seasons. But ones that also have a familiarity to classic combinations. So I make traditional desserts a little lighter, or I'll add a little twist. I want everyone to be able to enjoy something sweet at the end of the meal without feeling too full.

Raspberries, strawberries and blackberries are so good eaten on their own, but my recipe for pain perdu is definitely worth a go. Enjoy!