Join us this Hogmanay at The Wee Restaurant.


                  We are open in both restaurants 5-11pm with last orders at 9pm.      


Get a bunch of friends together to enjoy a great value, seasonal dinner before revelling the night away at a party or popping home to see in The Bells watching the TV, tucked up in your PJs on the sofa.


We are serving our A La Carte menu at £37.50 for three courses (excluding supplements). If you would like to pre order your wine for the evening, click here for our wine list & let us know upon booking.


If you need a taxi booked for your onward travel, let us know upon booking & we can contact a local taxi firm for you.


£10 deposit per person payable upon booking.


Click here for the Hogmanay Menu




0131 225 7983 Edinburgh

01383 61 62 63 North Queensferry





Join us on Monday 30th September at The Wee Restaurant, North Queensferry for our popular four course wine tasting dinner. Hosted by the charismatic Philippe Larue from L'art du Vin. If you have never attended one before, they are a great nght, Philippe extends his vast wine knowledge to you with his dry sense of humour. They get booked up very quickly, so book early to avoid disappointment. To view menu click here

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With the better weather upon us its nice to dine outdoors with friends so why not invite them over and wow them with this simple yet delicious dessert?

We’ve made a fast forward video and posted it here and on our youtube channel to help you. We make our own sweet paste for our pastry but if time is tight then just buy a ready made pastry case.


FOR SWEET PASTE- 9oz flour, 3.5 oz icing sugar, 3oz unsalted butter, 0.5 vanilla pod seeds scraped, 1 whole egg, 1 egg yolk

FOR LEMON FILLING- 4 whole free range eggs, 100mls double cream, 180g caster sugar, juice & zest of 4 unwaxed lemons


PASTRY- Set oven temp to 180c. Combine together dry ingredients & crumb together by hand or in a mixer until it is a golden crumb & the butter is mixed through. Next add in the egg & mix to combine. Place the pastry in the fridge for minimum 1 hour but preferably overnight. Roll out & line a large pastry case & blind bake until lightly golden. Brush with extra beaten egg yolk to seal while still warm. This creates a seal to stop the lemon filling seeping into the pastry.

LEMON FILLING-Warm the cream & sugar together. Whisk in the eggs & turn the heat down. Cook whilst stirring all the time until the mixture begins to thicken. Whisk the lemon mixture & pour into the tart case.

Bake in the oven at 140c for approx 25-30 mins until set. Allow to cool then cut & serve with Creme chantilly & seasonal fruit. Scottish raspberries go very well with this dessert.

You can also sprinkle some caster sugar over the top & blow torch it so you have a nice crisp top just prior to serving if you fancy it.

Vikki visits...........

Inner Bay Brewery- Inverkeithing

I’ve been continuing my journey to meet our Wee Restaurant suppliers. This week my travels took me not too far down the road. Inner Bay Brewery is our closest supplier, being only 3 miles up the road from our North Queensferry restaurant. No airmiles involved here!

Kate & Jed from the brewery have been dining at the resturant since it opened. 13 years later, they have 3 young children and a successful micro brewery to their name. Being such busy people we don’t see them as often so it was nice to catch up & find out about their artisan beers. Starting in 2016 they turned a very small outbuilding at home into their micro brewery. Kate is the brewer and Jed with his engineering background is the designer of equipment. They couldn’t find the right size of equipment for their opertation so Jed designed pretty much all the equipment they use. Kate initially wished this to be a part time hobby/business to work around parenthood but their eight beer offerings have taken off and proven to be so popular she is working full time to keep up with demand. Her traditional Bavarian wheat beer-Pearl has recently won gold at the SIBA ( Society of Independent Brewers Awards). No mean feat in such a sort space of time. Kate is immensly proud of this achievement, but next to the award sits the gold medal the children made for her. They were equally proud of their mum’s hard work. Kate & Jed’s eldest son (age 9) helps out with labelling to earn some pocket money. At the Wee Restaurant we also have 3 children, many of you have met them over the years. Ethan is now the part time Assistant Manager in Edinburgh, Zoe works part time in North Queensferry & little Innes who was only 2 weeks old when we opened is going to be doing a bit of pot washing this summer, much to his delight! So Kate, like us will have more hands to make light work when her little ones get a bit bigger!

At The Wee Restaurant we sell the Tiger’s Eye IPA. People are really loving it’s rich aromas & flavors of tropical fruits. They particularly like that we stock an IPA from a small local business like ourselves. Inner Bay supplies local businesses in Dollar, St Andrews to Kingsbarns. Kate has had such a phenominal response she has made the decison not to supply further afield at the moment. The brewery is at capacity for production and at present Kate is not looking to expand her business. When asked, the top of Kate’s priority list is to remain hands on, ensuring the high standard of her beers but she would love a nice double garage so she can move some of the bottles, hops and other brewing paraphanalia out of the house. Some more sleep wouldn’t go amiss either!

It was supremely kind of Kate to take time out of her busy life to meet me and show me the brewery. I thorougly enjoyed learning about the brewing process. I took a wee video with Kate explaining her brewing process so have a look. With it taking 4 weeks from the start to finish it really is a labour of love.

Vikki visits……..

Vikki has been getting out & about meeting our local producers & suppliers. Mainly independent, family run small businesses, all passionately producing the best produce available. Their dedication & hands on approach ensures consistently high standards. Vikki & Craig enjoy working with small businesses, building up great relationships with the common goal of cooking with great local produce to give our customers the very best on their plates.

Yesterday Vikki was in Glenrothes at our local meat supplier. John & Andrew at J.Hendersons Specialist Meat have been supplying the restaurants since the very beginning in 2006. They may have only been supplying the restaurant for 13 years but the family run company was established many years before this. Henderson’s was established in 1934 by John and Andrew’s grandfather, then run my their mother, with their father joining the business from a career in printing. For quite a few years the business has run by the two brothers. Help is at hand by their 24 local staff. Many changes have taken place over time but the pork sausages are made to the same recipe for 85 years. Speaking to David he told me how the business has changed. They are always increasing & diversifying their range. They include the treacle cured bacon, offering home made frankfurters, rare bread pork & new to the UK cut of beef-Picanha. All proving very popular with his customers. At The Wee Restaurants we serve Ribeye, T-Bone & Fillet steaks from J Hendersons. The breed we use is Limousin X Angus. It’s been dry aged for 32 days. Asking David this is his favourite breed for taste. His favourite cut is Ribeye. This is due to the marbling of fat throughout the steak. This gives it is superior taste. Vikki is quite partial to a Ribeye too!

The Wee Restaurant is looking forward to many more years of collaboration with J Henderson’s Specialist Meat. When you have quality & service this good, why would we go anywhere else?

Recipe of the Month

Vanilla Creme Brulee with Mini Meringues & Blacketyside Berries

This is a simple dessert & a classic at The Wee Restaurant during the summer months. It takes a bit of tme to put all the elements together, but this can be done the day before, making it a great dessert to serve to guests. Rich & delicious, you will be delighted with the results!

Makes approx 6-8


1 pint double ceam

10 egg Yolks

2 vanilla pods, scaped

85g caster sugar

1 punnet strawberries

100ml white wine

6 egg whites (210g)

300g caster sugar for the merigues

1tsp cornflour

Icing sugar for dusting

Fresh mint to garnish


For the brulee

Place the cream, sugar & vanilla in a pot & bring to the boil. Whisk the egg yolks & a little of the hot cream mixture into this & whisk for a few moments. This will prevent the cream from splitting.

Next, slowly pour the egg mix into the pan whilst whisking. turn the heat right down on the ‘custard’ mixture or it will scramble. Gently stir with a wooden spoon & it will slowly thicken.

Once thickened, give it a quick whisk then pass the mixture through a sieve. Next divide the mixture between the brulee moulds & place in a roasting tin, half filled with hot water (a bain marie).

Place in the oven at 125c for approximately 10-15 minutes, until the brulees firm up & are set, but still have a gentle wobble to them.

For the strawberries

Hull & rinse a punnet of strawberries. Half the larger ones & place in a tub with a lid. Bring 300mls water, 100mls white wine, 300g caster sugar & 1 vanilla pod to the boil, whisk & pour over the stawberries. Replace to the lid & allow to cool. When cool, pop them into the fridge overnight to allow them to infuse. The strawberries will soften & they take on an amazing bubblegum flavour. Retain the syrup afterwards for use in champagne or prosecco for a delicious summer drink!

For the meringues

Before starting this recipe place a non- stick baking mat or greaseproof paper on a baking tray & ensure you have your piping bag to hand. Pre heat your oven to 135c. You should have some spare egg whites from the brulee, so with kitchen efficiency in mind, we put these to good use to make meringues-nothing wasted!

This Recipe makes a batch that will keep for a while-it’s difficult to shrink the quantities too much the whites whisk better in greater volume.

Place the egg whites into a large mixing bowl. Ensure the bowl is dry, clean & grease free. Also ensure the mix contains no yolks or shells. Add 100g of the caster sugar & begin whisking (an electric mixer is always better) until the meringue starts to form fluffy peaks. At this point slowly add the remaining sugar & whisk for approximately 2 minutes, until the meringue is stiff. Then add the cornflour & mix for a further 5 seconds. Quickly spoon the mixture into a piping bag & pipe small circle shapes ( about the size of a 2 pence piece) building up to a peak.

Make sure you use the mixture immediately or it will become ‘wet’ as the egg whites dissolve. Place the tray in the oven for approximately 1 hour. You will know when they are ready when you are able to lift one off the tray without it falling apart. Allow to cool before serving.

To serve

Glaze each brulee by sprinkling a little caster sugar over the top & heat with a blowtorch. If you dont have a blowtorch you can put them under a very hot grill. When they are ready to serve, place the glazed brulee on a plate, then spoon some of the poached strawberries & 2 meringues on the side. dust them with icing sugar & garnish with a sprig of mint.

Vanilla Creme Brûlée with Mini Meringues & Blacketyside Berries 1.JPG


On Thursday the 30th of May Craig will be the guest chef at Vesta Restaurant & Bar in Queensferry St, Edinburgh in aid of Social Bite Charity. The evening starts at 7pm when you will be welcomed by Vikki & the Vesta team with a lovely glass of Moet. We’ve kept the price accessable to everyone at £45 for a four course dinner. To view the menu click here. Hope to see as many of you there as possible. So get your friends together & your glad-rags on for a good cause. Book through Vesta Restaurant on bookings@vestaedinburgh.co.uk


BWS WOMEN IN HOSPITALITY & TOURISM AWARDS 2019- We've been shortlisted!

The Finalists have been announced for the Women in Hospitality & Tourism Awards 2019. Vikki has been shortlisted in the Bar/Cafe/Restaurant of the Year category. For those who don’t know BWS connects, empowers & supports business women across Scotland including a bi-monthly magazine, business roadshows & awards celebrating women in business. The aim of the awards is to help recognise & increase the number of women working in senior leadership roles across the visitor economy. The awards look to put the spotlight on women who have made an impact in their industry through innovation, best practice & delivering outstanding results. There are 15 categories to ensure all the unsung heroes get their chance to shine.

Since opening thirteen years ago Vikki has very much enjoyed her job in hospitality. She’s been tweaking things here and there to ensure The Wee Restaurant is always evolving whilst remaining the relaxed & friendly place to dine that it is famed for. Three years ago the second Wee Restaurant opened up in the Frederick Street in Edinburgh. Although The Wee Restaurant in Edinburgh is not the neighbourhood restaurant like the one is in North Queensferry, Vikki & Craig very much still wanted to have this neighbourhood feeling. It doesn’t matter which restaurant you choose to dine at everyone is greeted as a friend. Vikki & her team working very hard to ensure everyone is very well looked after & has a thoroughly great time whilst dining. Training of all staff is very important to Vikki. She doesn’t tend to employ the finished article but enjoys fostering confidence in staff & watching them grow within their role & beyond. Over the years she has seen her younger part-time staff blossom from someone who struggles to hold a plate whilst talking to a customer to someone who can work independently & expertly manage shifts in her absence..This is one of the most pleasurable parts of her job. Many regulars like to see this personal growth too & are always interested in the goings on in staff lives, like we are of theirs. We’ve been to weddings, birthdays, christenings and unfortunately a few funerals of our guests. Vikki & the team are truly blessed to be included in our guests lives. Fingers crossed for Vikki on the 16th of May & here’s to the next 13 years & beyond. To see the categories & shortlist click here.



Over the last 13 years we have been asked for cider on occasion, so we’ve been out & about to source one for our customers. In the past we have never quite found exactly what we have been looking for. Last week that all changed when we met George (minus his scruffy dog Ozzy) at a Food & Drink Scotland event.

George’s plan to start producing quality craft cider was hatched in spring 2016 and that seed of an idea flourished when he visited some great craft cider-makers in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. He returned home to Perthshire totally inspired and determined to launch their own brand of cider. George set up Strathearn Cider Company in the autumn of 2017 and shortly after that he left the Scotch whisky business where he had worked for 14 years. They are delighted to be working in partnership with a fantastic cider maker in Herefordshire and to be using apples from Perthshire and Fife in our ciders - including from Comrie Community Orchard at Cultybraggan.

Scruffy Dog Cider is made from 100% British apples, fermented with Champagne yeast. We are delighted that from April we will have the Original Cider which is meduim sweet, being served in both restaurants. It is suitable for vegans vegetarians & coeliacs. To read more about Strathearn Cider Company click here

georgeblues cider.jpg

Karen Trotter-local artist exhibits in our North Queensferry Restaurant

With spring in the air we are pleased to exhibit some new art in the restaurant.  Karen Trotter is a mixed media artist residing in North Queensferry. Karen is passionate about her local environment & in particular draws inspiration from the Firth of Forth. She is gearing up for another successful exhibiton at the world famous Pittenween Arts Festival on 19th-22nd of April. A busy lady, but she has managed to take time to work with us duringMarch/April to show her works in the restaurant. Karen’s art is always evolving but themes of reflections, tides, puffins & fish feature regularly in her work. The reds in her work stem from the reflections of the resplendent Forth Rail Bridge on her doorstep. She also likes to use within her art interesting pieces she beach-combed from the beaches of The Forth. So pop in for something to eat & enjoy the new artwork whilst you dine. To read more about Karen click here

karen trotter 4.jpg



The Wee Restaurant is proud after 13 years to serve an IPA to customers. We love to source local independent producers & then work closely with like minded individuals to bring our customers something a little different. Inner Bay is produced by Kate Russell at her local micro brewery in Inverkeithing. Established in 2016 after Kate was looking for a new project that would find a work/family balance as well as make use of her microbiology background and managerial skills. Husband Jed Martens was already an avid homebrewer so after much discussion & sampling of craft beers, they decided to join the craft brewing.

Since 2016 Inner Bay Brewery has gone from strength the strength winning a host of awards at the SIBA Independent Beer Awards. Only this week Kate won a Gold Award in the speciality light beer catagory for her traditional Bavarian wheat Beer-Pearl. The beer was recognised for its zesty fresh finish.

We have chosen to stock the Tiger’s Eye IPA. A deep golden colour with rich aromas & tropical fruits. 6.5% ABV. It has proven very popular in the month or so of it being stocked in our North Queensferry restaurant. Hence with it proving so popular in Fife we are rolling it out to our Edinburgh restaurant so the good people on the other side of the Forth can enjoy Tiger’s Eye too!

To read more about Inner Bay brewery click here

Mother's Day

It's time to spoil mum on Sunday 31st March. We'll be open from 12-3pm at both restaurants serving an a la carte menu plus home-made fish goujons & chips and ice cream (£10) for the under 10s. Plus all mums get a free glass of fizz! 

View the menu here.


NORTH QUEENSFERRY:  please call 01383 616263

EDINBURGH:  please call 0131 225 7983 or book online.

Wee Family

Stories from The Wee Restaurant

Nicole copy.jpg

We’d like to introduce you to our new manager at The Wee Restaurant in Edinburgh. Nicole Richardson joined us in November last year.

“I got into the hospitality industry as a teenager working as a waitress whilst studying business management at Napier University. After 6 months travelling in New Zealand, I returned to Scotland and was offered a job at The Peat Inn in Fife. During my time there I realised that I enjoyed learning about all the different elements that create a great dish of food, as well as discovering a love of wine. 

As well as food and wine, I also love all the different people you get to meet in this industry, as customers as well as colleagues. At The Peat Inn I was privileged to serve Andrew Fairlie, and Bear Grylls once stayed at a hotel I was Duty Manager at.

Working at The Wee Restaurant is a little different than my previous roles. It’s great working closely with Vikki and Craig and to learn from their vast experience in looking after guests and keeping such high standards. 

I’m always thinking about ways to ensure the customer experience is the best it can be. I love it when a customer enjoys their visit to The Wee Restaurant knowing that it’s all down to being part of a great team.”



While global warming is yet to provide aspiring Scottish viticulturalists with the opportunity to cultivate vines in this country, in Jamie McCulloch’s produce we have the next best thing!

Jamie, originally from Edinburgh, founded his winery, ‘Les Deux Cimes’, in the Swiss Alps in 2007, one year after completing his oenology studies.

He was attracted to working in this alpine region by its very particular mountain terroir that provides great scope for experimenting with a number of different grape varieties.

The wine scene in Switzerland is refreshingly populated, in the most part, by small independent wineries.

Over the last few years, the quality of production has risen dramatically, yet due to the small amount of wine produced, only about 2% of overall production is ever exported.

Les Deux Cimes  - Jamie McCulloch 
Valais - Switzerland

At The Wee Restaurant, we are fortunate enough to have an allocation of Jamie’s great wines.

White – Fendant 2017
Jamie’s Fendant, the Swiss name for Chasselas, is a great alternative to Sauvignon Blanc – fresh and zesty with juicy yellow plum characters and a herbal, savoury finish. Only 1000 cases made every year!

Red – Gamay 216
“It is a variety that is most closely associated with Beaujolais in France – His interpretation has plenty of fruity blackcurrant, blueberry and cherry aromas, with well balanced acidity and tannins” – Peter Ranscombe, Scottish Field

Both cost £34 a bottle (normal list price £46)

Wine of the Month


Our wine of the month is a delicious Gamay, produced by renowned Scottish hotelier David Levin and his Australian wife Lynne at their organic winery in the Loire Valley. Their wines showcase a blend of French terroir manipulated using new world winemaking techniques.

The organic viticultural practices used by the winemaking team ensure that the resultant wines display wonderfully pure fruit, showcasing the freshness which has become a hallmark of Loire wines. 

The fact that David owns 19 distinct vineyard plots, over two different types of terroirs, allows the estate to experiment during the blending process, consistently delivering wines that are balanced and complex. 

This bright purple Gamay holds pure Loire Valley expression in its aromas of lavender, violet, cherry and chocolate. The red berry flavours mix it up with some butterscotch and spicy savoury characters followed by a silky, textured finish. David and Lynne describe their style as an amalgam of Old World tradition and New World finesse that they have crafted on their three vineyard sites of Oisly, Choussy and Bourre.

£26 a bottle  

£4.75 x 125mls 

£6.75 x 175mls 

£8.75 x 250mls 

Gen!us Craft Lager

Genius beer.png

We’re excited to be stocking the UK’s first light craft lager. GEN!US is brewed to craft quality but with less alcohol and lower calories. Zesty and refreshing, it’s not just ‘smart drinking’…it’s genius!

Crafted from the finest pilsner malts and Styrian Golding hops, Gen!us is matured with Australian Galaxy and Ella hops for a subtle citrus aroma. With only 1 unit of alcohol per can and less calories than an apple Gen!us makes responsible drinking a pleasure, not a compromise.


Genius Brewing is proud to donate 5p from every can of Gen!us to the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation founded by Scotland rugby legend Doddie Weir who has Motor Neurone Disease. Find out more here.

Wee Family

Stories from The Wee Restaurant

Wee Restaurant exterior illustration.jpg

Vikki Wood recalls the journey from opening The Wee Restaurant in North Queensferry over a decade ago, to today.

It seems like a long time ago now, but in late 2005 we were looking for a bigger home for our growing family with a third child on the way. We stumbled upon 17 Main St in North Queensferry, and despite my worries that the house was actually smaller than were we were living, we went ahead and bought it! 

17 Main St had been a restaurant previously but when we bought it, it resembled an old potting shed with the ‘commercial’ kitchen containing only a cooker switch inside the carpeted and wood-chip-walled room. After two months of renovations and only two weeks after the birth of baby number three we opened The Wee Restaurant’s doors in March 2006.

Craig had worked in hospitality since supporting himself through university by being a kitchen porter at The Maybury in Edinburgh. He worked his way up through the ranks working at Restaurant Martin Wishart, Loch Lomond Golf Club, The Outsider, The Crinan Hotel and on the Royal Scotsman luxury train. And I had worked in psychiatry for 10 years when we decided to take the plunge and become self-employed. A decision made to improve the time we could spend with the children. 

At the time our eldest Ethan was 7, Zoe was 3 and Innes was just a wee baby. It was a scary time to double our mortgage with no security from a wage, but we’ve never looked back. From the word go the villagers of North Queensferry were very supportive of the restaurant and word quickly spread of a new place nestled under the Forth Rail Bridge. Over the years we’ve been honoured to see new customers become regulars, and regulars become friends. 

In 2015 we decided life just wasn’t hectic enough, so we had an idea to open a Wee Restaurant in Edinburgh. Never ones to hang around on an idea, within a few months we had the keys to 61 Frederick St. There have been a few times over the past two and half years that we have asked ourselves “what have we done?”, but in general it’s been a great experience. It all seemed a bit easier the second time around, we learned from the mistakes we made the first time. And not being pregnant/new parents helped massively!

Over the years there have been several tweaks to both restaurants from just learning on the job but also taking into account feedback from customers. Our ethos has always stayed the same. We want to serve simple good food and fine wines in a relaxed atmosphere. We are a family-run restaurant who care about service, quality of produce and the cooking of Scotland’s seasonal offerings. 

We work with staff who are passionate and have the same outlook. Along with our fantastic staff we have more of the Wood family now working in the restaurant. Little 7-year old Ethan has grown up and is now at university. After working as a pot washer initially for pocket money, he came front of house 5 years ago and is now the part-time Assistant Manager in Edinburgh. Zoe is almost 17 and works part time in the North Queensferry restaurant when not studying for her Highers. Little baby Innes has turned 12 and has been pot washing to help pay for a trip to Alton Towers. Sophie, our niece, joined the  front of house team part time in Edinburgh team at the start of the summer and is thoroughly enjoying it. She has been squirreling away her wages to help pay for a trip to South Africa with school. 

We’re also proud to have Kirsty, Sam, Debora, Adelin, Joshua, Louis, Simba, Nikki, Mikey, Roberto, Adela, Radek, Isabelle, Keri and Siobahn working alongside us. We love our big ‘Wee Family’.


Pupils of the Edinburgh Girls’ High School in Malawi

Pupils of the Edinburgh Girls’ High School in Malawi

We're delighted to be hosting a special fundraising dinner at The Wee Restaurant Edinburgh on Monday 17th September in support of this very good cause. The Chesney Trust raises money to maintain, develop and run a secondary girls’ boarding school in Engcongolweni, Malawi.

Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh has been supporting the school for several years by raising funds, and donating second-hand school uniforms and sports kits. Every two years a group of girls visits Malawi to join in with lessons, and also to help build and paint the buildings, and look after the nursery children. 

This year, twelve 5th and 6th year girls and two teachers are visiting the school in October. To help raise some money, the girls will be preparing a fabulous 4-course dinner (with a little guidance from Craig!) in our kitchen, and will be serving each course with matching wines - with all proceeds from the night going directly to the school in Malawi.

If you fancy enjoying a delicious dinner whilst supporting a good cause, please call us on 0131 225 7983 to book a table. 




At this time of year I try to incorporate local berries on our menu as much as possible as I know they won't be available for much longer. For the last couple of months, we've been getting fantastic berries from the family-run Blacketyside Farm in Fife.

Their raspberries and strawberries are amazing, and quite often are hoovered up by our kids before we get the chance to use them in the restaurant. I find it really inspiring to create desserts with such juicy, flavoursome soft fruits. I could happily use them all year round, but unfortunately the season is short!

For me, the best desserts are ones full of memories - the kind of sweet treats we enjoyed as a child. And I was a child with a very sweet tooth!

I try to create desserts for our seasonal menus that use great local produce and take advantage of the changing seasons. But ones that also have a familiarity to classic combinations. So I make traditional desserts a little lighter, or I'll add a little twist. I want everyone to be able to enjoy something sweet at the end of the meal without feeling too full.

Raspberries, strawberries and blackberries are so good eaten on their own, but my recipe for pain perdu is definitely worth a go. Enjoy!